Tarun Denniz

Freelance Content Writer and Social Media Marketer

A self-described earthling, Tarun is a writer who’s committed to broadening people’s views of other cultures and making the world a better place for his daughters. He spent the last three years writing helpful and inspiring travel blog posts and articles for parents with young children on his personal blog – Travel Clans.

Tarun has worked in the insurance and healthcare industries for the last 18 years, gaining experience in sales, customer service, marketing, and contract negotiations. In 2010, he was awarded The Winner Circle Award by Aetna for making the most sales globally in the year. 

His impressive background allows him to create captivating content and turn complicated and technical topics into clear and easy-to-read articles that resonate.


  1. Hubspot Academy
    • Content Marketing
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
  2. Coursera (University of California) – The Strategy of Content Marketing
  3. The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy – Breakthrough Copywriting

Life Experiences

Seasoned professional with over 18 years of strategic, tactical sales, and customer service experience across multiple geographical markets.

Marriage and parenting has taught me how to communicate more effectively and made me a better negotiator. 

Good To Know

⚽ mad father of two wonderful 👧🏾👧🏽. Occasional pain in the butt hubby. Founder of @Travel_Clans

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