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Hi! I'm Tarun​

Tarun Denniz Freelance SEO Content Writer
You’re here because you have a need. A need for EFFECTIVE SEO content.
Compelling content that creates awareness, generates traffic, and quality leads for your business. Persuasive content that guides your prospect through the different stages of the buyer’s journey. Useful content that is intriguing, clear, easy to read, and keeps them coming back for more.
I can help you produce that!
Whether it is B2B or B2C I’m adept at creating content that resonates with your target audience. I’m proficient at writing blogs, SEO articles, website content, emails, social media posts, and much more.

My Services

Blog Post

Grow your brand with quality content by publishing helpful and informative content.

Social Media Marketing

Attract likes, shares, and conversions with super-targeted social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

SEO Content Strategy

Boost search rankings and conversions by finding gaps, opportunities.

Email Marketing

Reach out and grow sales with special promotions, invitations, and more.

Website Content

Set the stage for a great site experience that prompts conversions.

Additional Services

In addition to this, I also provide E-books, press releases, and much more.

What People Say

"The ability to first understand the subject..."

One of Tarun's key strengths is his ability to first understand the subject matter very clearly before deciding on any action. That solves a huge problem of avoiding repair and rework. Tarun is extremely meticulous in his research skills and is quite self-managed when it comes to learning and discovering on his own. At the same time, he is candid when it comes to asking questions until he is clear on the subject.

"He is articulate, precise and to the point..."

Another key trait in Tarun that I found very appealing is his communication skills, both written and spoken. He is articulate, precise, and to the point, yet effective in making the other side understand. He is effective in making complex matters simple. Tarun couples that communication skill with his brilliant training and coaching ability and is extremely patient and ensures he explains matters clearly to make it effective.

"Recommend Tarun and his work to everybody..."

I have also noticed that Tarun is quite dedicated to his tasks and ensures constant follow-up and timely delivery of tasks assigned to him. This makes tasks quite simple, as he is extremely dependable on getting things done as per schedule. I'm personally engaging Tarun for a start-up that I am leading and would definitely recommend him and his work to everybody who would like to engage with him or his services.

My Work as an SEO content writer

As a freelance SEO content writer, my role is to create content that connects with your target audience. Whether it be a blog, sales page, or an email, it has to showcase the best of what the company or product has to offer. The content needs to inspire and motivate the reader to take action. I write compelling, persuasive, and useful copy that keeps your customer coming back for more. 

If you don’t see the specific type of copy you need, I am happy to provide you with a paid sample of 250-300 words. 

As Your Writer​

My process is simple. I develop the content that leads to awareness and traffic generation for your company:

⭐ By conducting keyword research based on your marketing goals and the buyer’s needs.
⭐ Taking that research and turning it into topic clusters.
⭐ Organize your content calendar to optimize those keywords.
⭐ Analyze what’s working and what isn’t.
⭐ Identify content gaps to take advantage of.
⭐ Write better content than there is already.

Why Work With Me

👍 I listen and ask the right questions to understand your brand and content needs, customers, and what motivates them. And it results in clean, on-target copy.

👍 By researching the voice of your audience to connect with them through common terms I can translate technical material into clear, conversational writing that informs and engages your customers along the buyer’s cycle.

👍 I keep you updated on the status of the work in progress. There’s no guessing on your part. This saves you time. It eliminates follow-up calls and emails.

👍 I want to build a long-lasting relationship with my clients.

👍 And above all, I am easy to work with.

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