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What Really Happens To A Man's Body After He Turns 40?

Now turning 40 is a big deal. Technically you're at the halfway point of your life. I decided to find out what really happens to a man's body after turning 40.

Intermittent Fasting for Men over 40

7 Ways Intermittent Fasting Helps Men Over 40

Losing weight is never easy for men over 40. Work and life always seem to get in the way. Here is why intermittent fasting is the perfect solution for you.

21 Brilliant Things To Do in Dubai With Kids

21 Brilliant Things To Do In The City of Dubai With Your Kids

With year-round sunshine, it's no wonder the city of Dubai is a hit with families. There are plenty of activities to ensure you have a fun-filled vacation.

Freelance Writer post on Orlando

19 Reasons Why Orlando Is The Perfect Winter Sun Holiday Destination

Outdoor attractions, ecotourism thrills, nature hikes, and wildlife, Orlando has plenty to offer while you bask in the warm winter sun. Here are the 19 best!

How to Save Money Article

How to Save Money To Fund Your Next Vacation [7 Simple Steps]

Want to go on a luxurious holiday but can't afford it? That is just a myth. Find out how to save money to fund your next vacation in seven simple steps.

Get The Most From Your Hotel Stay With These 9 Effective Insider Secrets

Get The Most From Your Hotel Stay With These 9 Effective Insider Secrets

Ever had a hotel stay turn into an absolute nightmare? Everyone has had at least one. Don't let that happen ever again with these 9 Hotel Insider Secrets.


10 Top Travel Mistakes to Avoid

10 Top Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Learn about these 10 commons travel mistakes that cost you money and how to avoid them!

Top 16 Tips to Becoming a Savvy Traveler

Becoming a savvy traveler takes experience and countless mistakes. It often involves getting lost, spending over budget, and suffering through lousy accommodations or poor service.

8 Simple Rules for Picking a Holiday Destination

8 Simple Rules for Picking a Holiday Destination

Planning a family vacation can be difficult but the key to a memorable holiday is in the location. Here are 8 simple rules for picking a holiday destination.



How a Bengaluru apartment fixed its sewage treatment process

In Bengaluru, apartments have to set up their own Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) to manage the sewage they generate.

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Green Warrior Permaculture

Green Warrior Permaculture introduces a new Field Trainer internship program with projects conducted in real communities, solving real problems. Trainees graduate the course with hands-on field experience. This course is a must for people serious about a career in overseas development work.

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